Affordable Palm Print Outfits Under $25

Happy Saturday, marblelous babes! 💕 I know what you babes are thinking – “A SATURDAY blog post??” haha I have a very good explanation for this! I recently found a tooooon of GORGEOUS palm print outfits under $25 and I just couldn’t wait to share it with my babes! Now that spring season is finally in full swing, I’m super excited to be wearing all the vibrant and fun prints in the world! My favorite…

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Glamour Accessories: Glamour Editor’s Pick Jewelry Gift Sets

Happy Wednesday, marblelous babes! How was your Christmas??? My favorite part of mine was drinking toasty hot cocoa topped with marshmallows (and opening presents at midnight, obviously! 💁🏻) Now that Christmas is over, it’s time to get all glammed up for NYE! But if you’re like me and don’t have your NYE outfit (ESPECIALLY your NYE jewelry) all figured out quite yet, then Glamour Accessories will definitely be your lifesaver! Glamour Accessories is a jewelry… View Post

Caroline Constas Appolonia Dupe Dress for $26

Happy Fourth of July, marblelous babes! 💙❤️ What are your plans for today? I’m SO exhausted from moving and unpacking all week that I just need a day to unwind and relax! Vic and I will be building more IKEA furniture today and I’m super excited that my room is almost complete! To be honest, getting this blog post up has been a huge struggle! I tried editing these pictures last night and literally fell… View Post

OTS Embroidered Floral Applique Split Front Top

Happy Monday, marblelous babes! 💕 How was your weekend? I spent mine catching up on the latest episodes of Gotham. It’s seriously SO good!! On the topic of TV shows, is anyone else counting down the days till the latest season of Game of Thrones? 😍 I’m SO excited and seriously cannot wait! haha #TVshowjunkie 🙈 It’s been SO cloudy and gloomy in Long Beach lately. June Gloom is a real thing, guys! I don’t… View Post

Blue and White Tassel Trim Two Piece Set

Happy Wednesday, marblelous babes! 💕 If you follow me on Instagram, then it must come as no surprise that I’m OBSESSED with all things tassels. Like seriously, I think I need to go tassels rehab! 🙈 When I saw this adorable tassel trim two piece set, I just HAD to have it! I kid you not, I literally gasped out loud and was SO excited that I couldn’t contain myself! hahaha I love the contrast… View Post