Under $50 Lemon Print Dress + Round Bamboo Bag

Happy Monday, marblelous babes! Ohmygosh, I’ve been SO busy the past few months that I haven’t gotten a blog post up in AGES!!! Now that things are finally coming together, I’m so excited to be back with a super cute summer look! If you’ve been following me for a while now, then you know that I LOVE cute little fruit prints!! There’s just nothing cuter than wearing lemon prints, watermelon prints, banana prints, well ANY…

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Sweater Swing Dress + Flannel Blanket Scarf

Happy Tuesday, marblelous babes! 💕 How was your weekend? If you watched my Instastories, then you know that I’ve been car shopping the past couple of weeks and I finally picked up my new wheels on Saturday, YAY!! I was telling Vic that I might name it “mini Drogon” 🙈 Where my GoT fans at? haha I’m so excited that we are FINALLY getting cooler temps here in SoCal! I mean, it’s about time!!! One of…

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Eyelet Babydoll Dress + Bow Booties

Happy Tuesday, marblelous babes! 💕 How’s your week going so far? I’m SO ready for this semester to be over and done with, ahhhh! I’m already looking forward to Thanksgiving because that means I’ll get one week off from school, YES!!! Your girl has been hustling so much between school, work, and sponsored posts, that I am in dire need of a week’s long worth of sleep, ha! 🙈 Now that fall is in full…

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White Lace Ruffle Dress + Cult Gaia Ark Bag

Happy Monday, marblelous babes! 💕 I’m trying to nip this cold & sore throat in the butt before it turns ugly, ahhhh! I’ve literally been drowning myself in Emergen-C, cough drops, and DayQuil. 🙈 I absolutely hate being sick because I literally have the energy to do absolutely nothing. I didn’t even shoot any looks this weekend! *gasps* You can bet Vic was a little happy inside because he got the weekend off from being the Instagram…

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Bell Sleeve Palm Print Dress for $24

Happy Wednesday, marblelous babes! 💕 How’s your week going so far? I’ve been spending the past few days packing my whole life into boxes, ha! I just moved out of my apartment (YAY, good riddance!) and man, I never realized how much stuff I actually have until I started packing. I had to make my way to Home Depot multiple times to get more boxes! 🙈 Even though I’ve been busy packing and moving, I… View Post