Favorite Medifast High-Protein Bars Part 2

Happy Tuesday, marblelous babes! How was your weekend?? My heart is SO full because I spent mine bonding with so many blogger babes! There is just nothing quite like spending quality time with girls who actually GET you and GET your industry! You know, when your blogger rants don’t actually sound foreign or foolish! haha Last year, I talked about my favorite high-protein meal replacement bars from Medifast, which were the S’more Crunch Bar, Cookie… View Post

Medifast Go! Meal Plan: How It Works

Happy Friday, marblelous babes! 💕 I’ve been getting a ton of questions from you babes regarding Medifast, especially how the Medifast Go! meal plans arrive on my doorstep and how I prepare my meals, so I decided I would clarify everything in this blog post. With the exception of the ready-to-drink shakes, bars, and snacks, majority of the Medifast meals (including hearty choices, desserts, and breakfasts) arrive in a small little box containing 7 packets/sachets… View Post

Favorite Medifast Breakfast Oatmeals

Happy Tuesday, marblelous babes! 💕 How’s your week going so far? I’m already ready for the weekend, ha! 🙈 A few of you have reached out to ask how my Medifast progress is going, so I knew it was time for another update! Honestly, it’s been SO hard to keep up with my Medifast Go! regime during Thanksgiving week, but now I’m back on track with my meals! So far, I’ve lost over 7 pounds,… View Post

Favorite Medifast Flavors of Home Meals

Happy Wednesday, marblelous babes! 💕 How’s your week going so far? Ohmygoodness, it’s been SO hot here the past couple of days, it’s unbelievable! How is it that it’s 104 degrees out when it’s supposed to be fall??? ahhhhh ☹️ If you’ve been following me for a while now, then you know that it’s been almost a month since I started the Medifast Go! weight loss plan. And if you missed it, last week I… View Post

Favorite Medifast High-Protein Meal Replacement Bars

Happy Sunday, marblelous babes! 💕 I’m just beginning my third week of being on the Medifast Go! plan, and I wanted to share a little update with you babes. In case you missed it, I shared all the deets on being on the Medifast Go! weight loss plan over a week ago! If you’re interested in trying out the Medifast Go! weight loss plan along with me, then I have an exclusive offer just for… View Post