Shop My Instagram Looks



Shopping my Instagram outfits (old and new) just got A LOT easier! There is no need to sign up for anymore, simply click the photo you want details on, click the product you like, and it will take you directly to the site! It’s THAT easy!

What Is Like To Know It?

If you follow ANY blogger on Instagram, you’ve no doubt seen the LIKETOKNOW.IT bundle tacked on to the end of a style post. You know the one – It looks something like this: #liketkit


You may have wondered WHAT it is, and WHY it’s there. The answer is super easy – It’s there so that you can shop my look, straight from your phone or computer!

Isn’t it frustrating when you LOVE something you see on Instagram and then you can’t find it? Even if someone tells you where they got something, a vague “oh, it’s from Nordstrom,” and then you have to hunt through hundreds upon hundreds of pages of product, thereby wasting your time and energy?! LIKETOKNOW.IT has made it SUPER easy to get a straightforward answer, and plus, a shoppable direct link to the product! 🙌🏻

Now, with the launch of the LIKETOKNOW.IT app, you can even shop your screenshots!


How It Works

Step 1: Register on the LIKETOKNOW.IT website with your email, just once. (You never have to do this again!)

Step 2: Set your preferences on how often you want to receive emails. There’s nothing more annoying than getting thousands of unwanted emails in your inbox. LIKETOKNOW.IT TOTALLY understands, so you have the option of changing your frequency – you can get emails ASAP, once a week, once a month, or even not at all, if you prefer to just peek at the product links directly from your account. It’s totally up to you – You do you, girl!

Step 3: Download the LIKETOKNOW.IT app from the App Store

Step 4: “LIKE” or SCREENSHOT Instagram photos with the LIKETOKNOW.IT bundle on them: ( #liketkitOR you can type the link from the tag directly into your browser. But remember: the URL is case sensitive!

Step 5: Receive ready-to-shop links straight to your inbox OR visit the LIKETOKNOW.IT app and browse all of your screenshots, right in the app itself!

Step 6: You can also now FOLLOW your favorite bloggers on the LIKETOKNOW.IT app! To do this, start by searching for influencers by their username or blog name and then hitting the “FOLLOW” button! Now all of the pics from influencers you follow will appear in the “My Influencers” tab! So be sure to follow me on the app (@marblelouslypetite) so that you stay updated on all of my latest looks!

Still confused? Check out this video:

So, why sign up?

Easy – It’ll save you SO much time and ensure that you’ll ALWAYS be able to shop your favorite looks on Instagram! Make sure you’re following me on Instagram and LIKETOKNOW.IT!