Favorite Medifast Breakfast Oatmeals

Happy Tuesday, marblelous babes! 💕

How’s your week going so far? I’m already ready for the weekend, ha! 🙈

A few of you have reached out to ask how my Medifast progress is going, so I knew it was time for another update! Honestly, it’s been SO hard to keep up with my Medifast Go! regime during Thanksgiving week, but now I’m back on track with my meals!

So far, I’ve lost over 7 pounds, YAY!!! I honestly would have been losing more weight if I was better with my meal plans, but sometimes life as a full time student + part time employee + full time blogger gets in the way, and it’s hard to stick to my meal plan, but I promise I’m TRYING!!!


We all know how important breakfast is, but if you’re always on the go like me, then breakfast is probably the least of your worries in the mornings. Which is why I’ve been absolutely LOVING the oatmeals from Medifast! They’re SO easy to whip up – just measure the amount of water as stated on the Medifast packet, pour in the packet, stir, zap it in the microwave, and tada!!! Breakfast is served!! 💁🏻


Medifast offers several oatmeal flavors, but my favorites are the Blueberry Oatmeal, Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal, and Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal. Not only are they the easiest breakfast you can whip up, they’re actually SO good for you! They’re low in fat, are only 100 calories, contains over 24 vitamins and minerals, and 11g of protein! 🙌🏻


Honestly, I’ve never really been a fan of oatmeal (it reminds me of baby food, eek!) until I tried the oatmeals from Medifast! They’re seriously SO delish!!! Under normal circumstances I would have photographed the various bowls of oatmeal, but let’s be real, no matter how hard I try, oatmeal just doesn’t look that appealing. 🙈

The Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal contains real apple chunks and cinnamon for a touch of sweetness.


The Blueberry Oatmeal tastes like a yummy bowl of berries.


The Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal is by far my FAV!! If you love maple syrup, honey, or agave, then you’ll LOVE this oatmeal!


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Do you love oatmeal? What flavors are your favorite? 💕

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