Where to Buy All Things Rae Dunn Online

Happy Sunday, marblelous babes! 💕

I don’t know about you, but I’ve officially jumped on the Rae Dunn Pottery bandwagon. I don’t know how I managed to live under a rock for so long, but I recently discovered Rae Dunn a couple months ago during one of my HomeGoods runs. It all started with a gorgeous Coffee Canister that immediately caught my eye and I was SO excited to own it. However, the minute I picked it up, I discovered a crack and a huge black scratch mark on the canister.

Bummer. But that didn’t stop me from finding out the name and thus the crazy search for all things Rae Dunn began. I soon found out that there were other crazy Rae Dunn Hunters and Collectors like me, so I figured I’d share my knowledge of where I managed to find the best collection of Rae Dunn items online without the crazy markup that seems to flood reselling websites like Mercari, eBay, and Poshmark. It’s a shame that some people are taking advantage of people’s love for all things Rae Dunn and wiping the shelves clean in store so they can make a profit online.

I managed to find a TON of Rae Dunn items online on T.J.Maxx. I’m talking over 150+ items from canisters, mugs, planters, plates, the list goes on. I even found super cute step stools, throw pillows, and even rolling carts. However, if you’ve shopped online on TJMaxx before, you know you can’t search for items by brand names. So I decided to do everyone a favor and spent a couple of hours going through each page on T.J.Maxx searching and linking all of the Rae Dunn items I found. They’re now easily and directly linked for your shopping pleasure. You’re welcome.

No markups. No retailers. Just straight from good ol’ TjMaxx. They’re even offering free shipping today, when usually it’s free shipping on orders over $89+. I’d hurry and snag anything that catches your eye as Rae Dunn items do sell out super quickly. And if you’re worried about shipping – DON’T. I’ve been shopping online on T.J.Maxx for a year now and everything is always packaged so securely and safely that nothing ever comes damaged.

Hopefully this post helps others searching for Rae Dunn out! I’ll try to periodically update this post with new items when I can.